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Costa Rica

Costa Rica tri

Summer 2019

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Social Sector



BANG FOR YOUR BUCK – The structure and dates of this program provide a unique opportunity to students who are seeking a huge learning opportunity, tons of fun, AND a shorter abroad experience at the beginning of this summer.   This is great for students who have summer jobs.


Program Dates: June 21st – July 6th; optional Self-Designed week, July 6th – July 13rd

Choose two or three weeks

Dates-Structured Course: 2 weeks of class time and site visits near San Jose, Costa Rica (with optional additional week-see below)

Additional Customizable Week (Optional): For just the minimal costs of lodging and food (we estimate $250-$450), add on an additional week that you can customize with your fellow students for travel and learning in Costa Rica.  While the instructors will provide guidance, this is your chance to design your learning and adventure!  For those not opting in for the additional week, there will be learning opportunities online.

CERTIFICATE: Global Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

All participants who complete requirements will be awarded the Global Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate from the Centre for Executive Education at University for Peace and the IDEA Institute at Western Washington University.


Estimated and subject to change: $4985 (excludes airfare) for the 4 credit 300 level ENTR course assuming in-state tuition. Inquire about out of state tuition rates. If you choose to stay for the additional week, you will have an additional estimated $250-$450 for lodging and food.

Costa Rica Scholarships are now available.

Application deadlines are Feb 15th.

Leadership Team Scholarship info is found here.

Early Bird Scholarships info is found here.

Early Bird scholarship preferences will be given to students who are first to complete the application found on the Education Abroad website. For more information on scholarships please contact Kristine Baker at Kristine.Baker@wwu.edu.



Julia Delafield, Director, UPEACE Centre for Executive Education


Julia is passionate about inspiring and empowering people to make a positive impact in the world around them. She has dual master’s degrees from UPEACE and American University in Washington DC in International Relations and Affairs and Natural Resources and Sustainable Development. Before joining the Centre, Julia spent three years working with a social enterprise dedicated to bringing volunteers and Spanish learners to Latin America. Together with her brothers, she co-founded Lafaza, a sustainable vanilla importing venture, and spent the first half of her career with Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade USA working on development and environmental certification programs through Latin America. Julia is from the United States but has lived in Costa Rica for eight years, as well as spending significant time in Mexico and Brazil.

art (1)

Dr. Art Sherwood, Director, IDEA Institute and Cole Professor of Entrepreneurship at Western Washington University


Art imagines a world where everyone is empowered to make change happen.  His work to pursue this includes holding the David Cole Professor of Entrepreneurship chair at Western Washington University in Bellingham and directing WWU’s IDEA Institute where he teaches and leads the university’s entrepreneurship and innovation programming. As a professor, he researches inclusive entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems and teaches how people can cooperate to address our world’s challenges and seize opportunities.  Art is an experienced entrepreneur having recently launched innovate68.com, a global education and learning company building on his 25+ years of experience that includes being a member-owner of CDS Consulting Co-op, deep engagement with the local food movement in the US where he co-founded the Local Growers Guild farmer marketing cooperative and co-owned an organic farm as well as eye-opening stints at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and the US Army National Guard.


Kristine Baker, MBA, Program Specialist, IDEA Institute, WWU


Kristine is a member of the IDEA Leadership team, and partners with the Director on global programming.  In Summer ’17 she co-led the 21 day course to China with Dr. Sherwood and the Summer ’18 21 day course to Costa Rica. In Costa Rica she participated as a facilitator-in-training for the global certificate program. She is also currently pursuing her Diploma in Social Innovation through the United Nations University for Peace’s Centre for Executive Education.